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Specification writing for Garden Designers

Date: Tue 10th Oct 2017

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £250.00 (2 of 2 places remaining)

Earth Designs Studio,
64 Leighton Avenue,

Writing a scope of works for a garden design is often one of the unforeseen challenges faced by garden designers. To write knowledgably on construction techniques when you are not trained in this area can be a daunting process. Yet this is something clients often request to aid them in obtaining a quote for their garden build. Even if the client requests that you put the project out to tender on their behalf, contractors may expect a landscape specification document and scope of work before they will submit their quote. Or you may wish to project manage the job yourself, overseeing the procurement of materials, services and labour in order to maximize your profits. Whichever way you plan to work, knowing how to produce a detailed specification/scope of works and realistic budget for the project is an invaluable skill to have.

This one day long course helps guide you through the minefield of quoting and specification writing. Matt, our senior contracts manager for our Essex Landscape company Earth Designs, will look at how to work out what to charge for your services in order to make a profit, what services to offer, project management, contracts and insurances. You will touch upon what to note when conducting your site survey, how to work out material quantities, and look at some of the possible pitfalls, including common planning and legal issues, with reference to situations we have experienced during the course of our work. With Matt’s help, you will produce a relevant scope of works based on one of your designs (you will be asked to bring a scale plan of a working project with you). Looking at each of the main landscaping disciplines in turn, we aim to cut through some of the complicated jargon often associated with these documents, to help you provide simple yet comprehensive and professional generic specifications for each area of your project.

For: Buds and Blooms

What you will need: Notebook and Pen.

What you get: A copy of our quote and proposal template and a selection of specifications for a variety of landscape disciplines will be made available to you on completion of the course. Lunch, tea and coffee.

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